john carroll j acid gas injection and carbon dioxide sequestration

Provides a complete treatment on two of the hottest topics in the energy sector – acid gas injection and carbon dioxide sequestration This book provides the most comprehensive and up-to-date coverage of two techniques that are rapidly increasing in importance and usage in the natural gas and petroleum industry – acid gas injection and carbon dioxide sequestration. The author, a well-known and respected authority on both processes, presents the theory of the technology, then discusses practical applications the engineer working in the field can implement. Both hot-button issues in the industry, these processes will help companies in the energy industry «go green,» by creating a safer, cleaner environment. These techniques also create a more efficient and profitable process in the plant, cutting waste and making operations more streamlined. This outstanding new reference includes: Uses of acid gas injection, the method of choice for disposing of small quantities of acid gas Coverage of technologies for working towards a zero-emission process in natural gas production A practical discussion of carbon dioxide sequestration, an emerging new topic, often described as one of the possible solutions for reversing global warming Problems and solutions for students at the graduate level and industry course participants

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